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Industrial sites

Industrial sites have a reception room for the many visitors and truck drivers who sign up all day and sometimes at night. In most cases, certain access procedures must be completed. At that time, the security guard should be able to have a conversation with the visitor and good intelligibility in both directions is really not an unnecessary luxury. Placing a counter intercom at the glazed counter is then the designated solution. 


If multiple reception clerks sit side by side each to speak to another visitor, it is appropriate to give the clerks a wireless or wired headphone with microphone so that the sound of the visitors does not full the reception room to loud. Each clerk has a perfect reception of the sound at any time and in every position and is also always well oriented towards the microphone and will therefore always be well understood without having to call. In this way, there is minimal crosstalk between the different counters.



Applications: Petrochemicals, food companies, ferrous and non-ferrous companies, transport companies, distribution companies, coach companies, container terminals, pharmaceutical companies

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