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Annual holiday

July 12 - July 29



Changes in the range

Public IV.png
Public IV, the new workhorse

The latest member of the Public intercom range of CLARSON! The Public IV is the most inovative counter-intercom of the moment. With the latest SMD technology and a DSP module for outstanding sound quality

Public III, production stopped

The Clarson Public III counter intercom was the proven workhorse of the Clarson family. Thousands of desk intercom systems of this type have been installed worldwide.

The Public III has been declared end of life since May 2022. We have been unable to supply  replacement parts since December 31, 2022. All functions can be found in the Public IV 

Microphones and loudspeakers

In order to be able to propose an complete intercom solution for every design of tcounter, Clarson has designed a whole range of microphones and loudspeakers (flush mount and suface mount), both for indoor and outdoor use



The VoiceBridge from WHD - a fully automatic intercom for CORONA-splash screens in shops and offices

The VoiceBridge from WHD is a new, hygienic, safe and flexible intercom especially for glass and plexiglass splash screens in practices, shops and supermarkets or for talk boxes in nursing homes, during COVID-19 times

Bulletproof standards

What can the BPT drawers withstand

bulletproof document drawers

Public Intercom now also offers the Bulletproof Technology (BTP) pass-through drawers

The different models

Which models can BPT offer you

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Quotations and information

Thanks for your inquiery

Tel: +32 (0)495 22 37 06

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