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Terms and conditions of Public Intercom, MkII bvba


1. A sale will only be made after written confirmation by the seller. An early implementation is a confirmation, unless it has been made subject to modification.

2. Any cancellation of an order must be made in writing. It is only valid subject to written acceptance by the seller. In the event of cancellation, a flat fee of 20% of the order price is payable.

3. Delivery times are provided only by information and are therefore binding only by express agreement. Delay in the execution of the order can never result in damages or termination of the contract.

4. Transportation and insurance costs are always the responsibility of the customer, unless expressly agreed.

5. The buyer must receive the goods immediately and check. Complaints are only valid if they are made by recommended letter. Complaints that have not been made within 8 days of delivery will no longer be accepted.

6. Hidden defects can only result in compensation if they are reported by recommended letter within 3 months of their adoption. However, the goods may not have been processed or processed.

7. The goods delivered remain the property of the seller until the full payment of the sale price plus fees and interest.

8. Risk passes when goods leave our warehouses.

9. The buyer will notify the seller if the goods are stored in a space he rents. He will have to inform the seller of the identity and address of the owner of the property.

10. Our invoices are payable in cash, subject to otherwise written provisions.

11. In the event of non-payment on the expiry date of an invoice, it is increased by law and without the need for default, by a 10% lump sum damage clause with a minimum of 50 euros and an interest on negligence of 10% per year.

12. In the event of a dispute, only the courts of the judicial district in which our company is established have jurisdiction and Belgian law still applies.

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