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The power of the Public IV counter intercom

All functions of the Public III intercom , but also much more!

Of course, the Public IV also works in the open-full-duplex mode which means that no switch of the direction of the sound is made. This avoids disturbing effects of cutting off conversations.

Public IV.png
Digital signal processing (DSP)

The Public IV counter-intercom is a fully equipped couter intercom system. 

The intercom has digital sound processing capabilities, the DSP-module provides features such as: 

  • Noise gate: switching off the microphone on the visitors side if there is no talk

  • Automatic echo suppression

  • Noise reduction: actively suppressing disturbing sounds

All options became standard

  • Push-to-talk (PTT) mode: as with a walkie-talkie, at the service side one has to press the button if one wants to talk

  • Boost mode: permanently amplifying the sound on the operated side.

  • The headphone connection has became standard.

  • A control output (open drain) is equipped to control a relay to open a door or barrier.

  • The volume settings of the headphones and table-top-unit can be set up separately and stored using the + and - buttons on the table-top-unit.

  • Connection for a foot switch that can control the PTT function

Basic layout

Public IV_base.jpg
Fragile Box

What's in the box

  • A microphone/loudspeaker table unit (40.054.440.001) with central functions on the servce side

  • A surface-mounted microphone (40.005.020) with 3.5 m cable

  • A surface-mount speaker with stainless steel housing (40.006.106)  

  • 5 m speaker cable 

  • The Installation manual

  • RJ45 + RJ10 connection box (40.054.305.001)

  • Power supply unit, GPP10 medically certified, 110-240VAC (40.054.803.002)

  • The necessary plugs and screws

Basic kits


Public IV kit 1

Public IV kit1.jpg
  • 40.054.440,table top/central unit

  • 40.005.020, directional microphone

  • 40.006.106, surface mount speaker, stainless steel

Public IV kit 2

Public IV kit2.jpg
  • 40.054.440, table top/central unit

  • 40.005.020, directional microphone

  • 40.006.102, flush mount speaker

Public IV kit 3

Public IV kit3.jpg
  • 40.054.440, table top/central unit

  • 40.005.017, omnidir. microphone

  • 40.006.106, surface mount speaker, stainless steel

Public IV kit 4

Public IV kit4.jpg
  • 40.054.440, table top/central unit

  • 40.005.017, omnidir. microphone

  • 40.006.102,  flush mount speaker 


Wireless DECT headphone

ref.: Jabra Pro 900

wired headphone with Quick Disconnect plug

ref.: Plantronics Encorepro HW540

Induction loop for hearing aids

Ref.: Ampetronic CLD1AC

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