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Bulletproof standard

The standardization of bullet resistance is not easy. There are different international standards for different bulletproof materials, but there are also different organizations that put forward their standard, European standards (EN 1063 BR and EN 1522 FB), NATO standards (STANAG 4569), American standards (NIJ).

We treat here costs the European standardEN 1522 FBbecause it applies to the BPT document trays that we offer.

TheEN 1522 FBis the standard for testing armored personnel carriersnon-transparentmaterials (eg joinery, steel plate and therefore also document drawers) TheEN 1063 BRis the standard for testing armored transparent materials (eg glass)

Below is a table of the different weapons and ammunition used for the test according to the different class FB1 to FB7+ FSG2.

For more details about the bulletproof standards, please refer to specific standardization literature. 

Bulletproof standard non-transparent materials EN1522 FB

kogelwerende klassen_tabel.png
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